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Life as told by a thousand dreams...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

10:22PM - support member fail e_e;;

Had another Suicide Ali dream in the week or so after returning from my trip to Japan... and you'd think after finally seeing them all again for the first time in 2 years, it would be a more fun-like dream... buuuut no.

As usual it involved the band coming to the US for a show, but this time some of the members were unable to come. Three of them, in fact. The only one who came was Hiroshi, and he still planned to put on a full length concert. ._. More ridiculously, he had decided to play the bass... and asked me to fill in on guitar. Uh. *blink* Of course he said I didn't have to actually play, just stand there and pretend... and he was really desperate and begging and stuff so I couldn't turn him down. ...lol, some of the biggest disasters in history have followed those four little words, I bet...

Anyway, so we did just a tiny little rehearsal before the show, basically not much more than a line check of about half a song, and Hiroshi nodded in satisfaction and signaled that we were ready to start. So the crowd starts pouring in... the curtain opens, the show starts... and it actually started out pretty good. Hiroshi went nuts on the bass and even did vocals too, and I just bopped around pretending I knew what the eff I was doing and people actually seemed to buy it, or at least seemed entertained enough not to care.

Until, somehow, some way, the guitar went flying out of my hands and into the audience, revealing that the guitar track was canned and I was a fake. Worse, some kid grabbed the guitar and tried to run off with it. So I bolted off the stage to chase him down some random flight of stairs and get the guitar back (it was Hiroshi's, naturally)... but by the time I reclaimed it, of course, it was all over and the audience was angrily pouring out of the hall. So I rushed back toward the stage to apologize to Hiroshi... but he was packing up his stuff and on his way out the door and wouldn't hear a word I said. I literally followed him all the way through the... whatever huge building we were in... to the front entrance, apologizing and trying to convince him to give it another shot... but he still wouldn't listen and wouldn't even take his guitar back before making his way straight to the airport.

Yeah, bizarre and depressing. I miss having fun dreams about these guys. :\

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

10:17PM - new band debut >> and dolphin oddness

Yes, more band dream rambles ahead. >_>

So the indie label that employs Suicide Ali, lix, The Sound Bee HD, and (formerly) Luzmelt also has a band called Calmando Qual. To be honest I never really got into their music, since everything they released since they joined the label was horror-themed, which isn't really my thing (I was kinda interested in Deadman's Party, but never actually got it...) But I did pick up their 2011 release Negative Mustard, which is sort of an anniversary album and mostly remakes of older, pre-horror songs, and it was pretty cool. Plus their guitarist Tak is also the guitarist for The Sound Bee HD, and he's an awesome guy. Then in November, when I posted on Ameba that my cat had died, the vocalist Hibiki left me a comment... so I sent him a message just to say thanks, and then the other day he sent me a message to say Happy New Year. So again I replied to say thanks, and today I awoke to find another comment from him on my latest Ameba post. I think we may have something here... :P

Ahem, but that's not what this blog is for. >> Now that the background is defined, the point is: I had my first Calmando Qual dream last night. And... recently I've been having dreams that start out really fun but end up really sad or freaky or otherwise unpleasant, and this one was the opposite. I was helping TR with some band they had brought over for some event... a really small event (so small, even my parents were staffing it >_>) that somehow still had multiple bands. I don't even know who the band TR brought was... I just remember they were nice guys, but rather serious, and when some delay came up and they were kept waiting, they started to get impatient.

But the dream turned around when I heard Tiffany calling my name from across the room, telling me that Tak wanted me for something. Sure enough, not far behind her in the crowd was Tak, waving me over and saying he wanted a picture with me. I hadn't even known he was there, so there were no greetings or anything, just "C'mere so I can take a picture!" :P So I left the TR band's side and scurried over to Tak, where he also introduced me to the other Calamando Qual members... though of course, most of them didn't look like the real guys at all. For one thing, Kenka was HUGE. Not just tall, but big and heavy and deep-voiced and exactly what we Westerners would call a "bear." He adored me right away for some reason though, lol. Greeted me with a big bear hug... :P; But the weird thing was that I somehow thought he was Hibiki at first. >>;; Must've been the long wavy hair... But then Hibiki came in behind him, and this time there was no mistaking him - he looked almost exactly like his Negative Mustard image (plus he was really short *kicked*). Weirdly though, he was the one I had the least interaction with - just a rushed hello at first and a rushed goodbye at the end, as he was always busy and hopping all over the place doing stuff.

All the Qual guys were awesome though. I never went back to TR or their band for the rest of the dream, heh...

The second dream of the night was one of those slightly epic ones that I very rarely have anymore. It started out normal... I was at home, it was after midnight, and for some reason my mom called and asked me to go to some store in Columbus and buy a specific roll of wrapping paper for her. O_o Uh, ok... of course I'm a night owl and still had a good 4-5 waking hours left in my night, and a round trip to Columbus would take about 3 hours in reality, so I agreed. Skip ahead to arrival in Columbus... where I somehow ended up immediately getting lost. Also, suddenly I didn't have a car. Also, after walking for a few blocks, apparently the whole city flooded and I was suddenly a dolphin. Yeah...

I wish I could remember more about the rest, but all I can recall is spending the rest of the dream running from something or someone as I ran/swam for my life trying to get back to where I started. Then I woke up and now I feel all nostalgic for Ecco the Dolphin but I can't play it because my Sega has been dead for years. :\

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

4:05AM - collection of this week's weirdness

Putting three in one collective post since none of them were really long (though the way I write these things they'll all come out miles long anyway but)...

First off, a couple days ago I had a really bad night. I had only slept for about 4 hours before my cat came in to put me through the daily wake-up routine, then I was wide awake so I got up to do stuff for a couple hours until I finally decided to nap for an hour or so before lunch. And during that nap I had one of those Suicide Ali dreams which are actually much more rare than their frequency in this journal lets on. >>;

Again, they were in the states to perform at a con, and it was the night after their first of two concerts (so Friday night, going by our usual con+band schedule). All of us, staff and band, were together in a hotel room (reminded me most of the one we stayed in for PMX in 2008). In the beginning I was sort of half-lying across the middle of the bed near the window talking with a nondescript female staffer who was leaning against the headboard, while Hiroshi was lying across the foot of the bed trying desperately hard to stay awake but thoroughly failing. Eventually I got up and went to stand between the foot of the bed and the desk where someone was doing something on a computer, when Hiroshi snapped awake and asked "Is it the last day??" I guess in his half-asleep state he was thinking this was our traditional last-night-of-con party and he couldn't go to sleep or he'd miss it, d'aww. But I told him no, it was only the second day, so he could rest. So out he conked again.

Then things got weird. >> Instead of standing, I decided to sit perched on the foot of the bed so I could see the computer in slightly more comfort, trying to stay far enough away from Hiroshi not to wake him. But then, in his sleep, he very unconsciously but very accurately lifted one hand... and rested it squarely on my butt. >_> I jumped, the staffers around me burst out laughing, and after a second his eyes slowly drifted open and he saw where his hand was... and in an instant his head jerked up, his eyes went huge, and he said "EEEEEH?!??!!!?!" And I cracked up laughing. His eyes seriously looked like that something from an anime, where the whites are enormous and the pupils are just little dots. It was hysterical. XD ...And yet among all this, he didn't move his hand. *dies* He looked totally stunned and apologetic though, so I just said something like "It's ok..." (in reality I probably would've been like UM WOAH THERE, but I was laughing so hard nothing else came out LOL), and after a second he just nervously chuckled and went back to sleep. Still never moving his hand.

And since I was laughing so hard in the dream, I woke myself up laughing. Then I was mad at Hiroshi for waking me up when I was trying to grab that last hour of sleep. XP

Then the next night I had ANOTHER Suicide Ali dream (I swear these are rare... two nights in a row is like, miraculous), but Kozi was the leading role. I don't remember much, except watching the four of them playing... soccer on a basketball court? or something. I guess at some point they took a break, and Kozi and I just sat in random chairs talking, but I can't remember what about... only that it was a fun little conversation with a lot of laughter involved. Then everyone was clearing off the court(?), I guess, and they were done playing... but somehow one of the guys just blindly (maybe even accidentally) tossed/kicked/something the ball overhead and backwards toward the court... and it managed to sail directly into the net. Soccer ball in a basketball net, I might reiterate. And somehow this was just absolutely hilarious to us. >> Everyone laughed, but Kozi and I just sat there guffawing like a couple of idiots for some reason. I don't know, LOL.

Anyway, that dream was followed by a strange little thing in which I was about to have a birthday party, for some reason, and I invited the boy who was my best friend back in like, 2nd-3rd grade. So the party was about to start, and he showed up... still a tiny little 7 year old boy, while I had continued aging to 29. There was some reason for this in the dream that apparently made perfect sense to anyone, but I have absolutely no idea what it was... even in the dream it was just sort of assumed to make sense, I think. But yeah, he came with a small group of other kids around the same age, and we had a totally kid-accommodating party with snacks and Nintendo games (just like he and I played in real life when we were that age) and playing outside until his mom(?) came to pick him up. She was really grateful to me for inviting him (something about the reason for his never aging, or my own aging, played into this somehow), then she sent him over to say goodbye to me... which turned into a really drawn-out goodbye where he kept hugging me and giving me kisses and looked really sad to have to leave. It was... very weird. Sort of fun in the playful kidlike sense, but sort of wistful and even melancholic at the same time. All because of whatever that Perfectly Logical Reason was for my continuing to age while he never did.

See, I knew this would turn out insanely long anyway. ¬_¬

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

11:59PM - Another one dfnhlsdnhfk

Another Suicide Ali dream last night, sort of... except the only member I remember being in it was Goshi, and there was so much other stuff going on that he had very little involvement in it at all...

I guess the premise, as usual, was them coming over here for some event again and me traveling with whatever other staff to work with them. Except this time there were TONS of staffers - like, we filled at least three rooms, and the place was more like a hostel than a hotel since each room probably held like 10-12 people. There was only one other person in our group that I knew, though... and that was Reiko's sister Krystal. O_o

So the first thing I remember was arriving at this hotel/hostel place and getting situated in our room... which was so huge and packed and chaotic that I couldn't even find my way around. Beds were scattered around everywhere, everyone's luggage all went into one little closet/storage room in the back, and I didn't even know where the bathroom was since there were all these other doors that connected to the rooms around us where our other staffers were staying. So once I unloaded my stuff, I just wanted to go find the guys and chat or just hang out in the hallway or lobby or anywhere but that insane room... but most of my roommates were going straight to bed since it was already late, and when I tried to ask where anything was (even the bathroom...) they just shushed me and ran me off. So I just left... spotted Goshi just down the hall but didn't get to say anything to him for some reason...

This is actually where the whole running theme of the dream came in: me waiting for an opportunity to talk with Goshi. Like, for some reason it was in the back of my mind the whole time that as soon as this burst of activity calmed down, I would find him (or vice versa) and we'd just hang out and talk and buddy around forever, just the two of us. It wasn't that I just wanted to - it was like, law. It was gonna happen no matter what; I just had to wait for the time to come.

Well, it turned out the first event that involved the band - just Goshi, specifically - was some kind of weird fashion show. O_o And it would take place that night, so I figured my time to hang out with him would happen after that. So for some reason I just sat in the hallway while he was in his room getting ready... I had a feeling I was supposed to help him or walk with him to the venue or something, but all that ended up happening was him coming out of his room in a fairly simple outfit (all I remember is black pants and a grey hat of some kind... the top might have been grey too... but anyway) and sort of looking to me for my opinion. So I just told him "Yeah, looks good!" or something similarly unhelpful :P and he returned to his room to finish up... but then before he could return, Krystal found me and said there was some group of girls going down to the event together as some kind of VIP team, and I should be part of it since I was with Goshi (whatever that meant). So I ended up leaving with her and this big group heading to the venue early.

...Well, on the way there Krystal told me what our group actually was: they were all girls who were... scheduled?... to spend that night with a specific model in the fashion show. Like groupies, except it was almost like they were hired for it or something. And they thought I was there to be... that, whatever it was... for Goshi. >____> I almost turned around and left right there, but Krystal convinced me to stick with her (she seemed really knowledgeable about this whole event, the location and all the people and everything), so I did... and we continued into the fashion show venue. Which looked disturbingly similar to the gymnasium in my former high school. *shrug*

Oh well... so we got in, helped ourselves to the best seats in the house, and I tried to just roll with everything as best I could. Soon enough the show started, and the first model to come out was Goshi, in the same outfit as before - except he'd exchanged the pants for this insane long frilly charcoal skirt. >_> I don't even know... It was funny though, because he walked out fairly normally and just stood there in a pose at the end while the other models came out... but some of them had even more bizarre outfits and chose much less conventional ways of making their entrance, like these almost cartoonishly exaggerated goofy prancing strut moves... and every time someone did that, Goshi would prance in a circle around the floor imitating them. XD That made the whole insane show worth sitting through, LOL.

Finally all the models had done their thing, and Krystal told me we could leave now to get ready for our... uh, liaisons for the night *die*... since they would be announcing the winner (suddenly this was a contest?) much later anyway. So the two of us left... and once again she led me somewhere that hadn't been on my personal agenda, some private closed-off VIP-ish room buried behind all kinds of weird creepy twisting passages (even crawlspaces and an outdoor area, I think) and stuff. I don't even know what the point of all this was, except she ran into someone she knew while we were there and was told that the winner of the fashion show/contest would soon be announced, and that it was down to Goshi and some guy named Jacob for 1st place. Apparently Jacob was the one pre-determined to be Krystal's... partner, liaison, whatever...

This was all getting very weird to me, so I decided I wanted to just head back to wherever our rooms were and wait for my meeting with Goshi (which was NOT going to be the same kind of meeting these other girls were planning >o> I was just meant to hang around and talk with him... as I said before, somehow in the setting of the dream, this was law already), so Krystal led me back. When we finally reached the hall where our crew's rooms were, we passed by the room that the band members and male crew were staying in, where I saw Goshi just inside the door with his back to us, dressed in his regular casual clothes again... but he didn't say anything and the other guys told us they were all still doing something else (can't remember what), so the wait was destined to continue. Krystal went off somewhere around this point, leaving me at the door to our room alone... but when I went in, it was dark and I couldn't find my way to the bathroom or my bed or even my luggage, and everyone was asleep so I couldn't turn on a light or rummage around. So once again I just headed out to camp in the hallway and wait for Goshi... annnnd that's about all I can remember.

Yeah, I'm not even sure why I decided to write this down since it was so weird and kind of creepy in more ways than I have the capacity to describe in writing, and nothing even really happened anyway. I guess it just kind of summed up how we often feel about Goshi when Suicide Ali comes here - always just waiting for that perfect opportunity to hang out with him since he's just such a nice, fun, laid-back guy (and the best drunk in history *kicked*), but there's always other stuff going on and that time never seems to come. >.>

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Monday, August 8, 2011

7:31PM - Luzmelt AND Suicide Ali!

Annnnnnd back to the band themes now! XP This was actually the first band dream I can remember having in... well, possibly since the last one I posted here, whenever that was... and it was a very uncommon one in that both Luzmelt and Suicide Ali were in it (though not at the same time), and all the members were present and looked exactly like themselves. >.>

Luzmelt's turn came first, as they came over for some event and were staying at my house for the duration (given the location and condition of this place, that makes no sense at all, but it keeps happening in the dreams... *death*). I don't actually remember much detail, and the only member I clearly recall interacting with was Yuhma. I know the others were there, even Reyto (I remember being fascinated because he had a really deep voice O_o), but Yuhma was the most prevalent one. And even then, all I remember is us staying up late on their last night here, talking about a bunch of stuff... and after a while he said he wanted to shoot a gun or something. >___> But in the dream he just meant a video game accessory, lol. Some of the other members had been playing with it earlier in their stay and he had missed it, I guess. So he started to turn on my... I guess it was supposed to be my PS2, but it looked more like a newer Nintendo platform or maybe Xbox, even though I don't own those... and I had to tell him that was the wrong system and hook up the right one for him, and finally handed him the gun thing and let him go nuts. That's about all I remember of Luzmelt. >>

Next, possibly in a separate dream, was Suicide Ali's turn... and again they were staying at my house for the duration of whatever event they were here for. This one was a little more interesting as, shortly after they arrived, I suddenly remembered that I still had one of Yuhma's rings that he had left behind the last time they'd come to the US (which would've been Tekkoshocon, I guess), and here they'd just been over again and I'd forgotten to return it to him before they left. This was probably inspired by the fact that I still have a little panda charm thing of Sho's that ended up left in my car after Tekkoshocon which I have vowed to return to him in person. :P Anyway... so I had to forget about Yuhma's ring again... but it turned out I also had something of Kozi's that he had left here last time too. O_o So since they had just arrived, I ran to grab it and bring it to him. Turned out to be a little box of accessories, mostly in the form of... purple hair ties? *shrug* So yeah, I grabbed that, took it to where Kozi was sitting on the living room couch (>.>), and he was all "Ohh, yeah! Thank you~" and such. Then he started playing around with the accessories, and he dragged me into it. :P Namely he took out a little... pin of some kind, maybe... some disc-shaped thing roughly similar in diameter to a ping pong ball, with all these nifty designs on it. And he held the back clasp between his lips so the disc part covered his mouth, then he looked at me and sort of aimed it toward my face while making these goofy little "mumumumumumu♪" noises. XD So I played along and shot the same goofy faces and noises back at him (except I didn't have anything in my mouth lol) and he continued and kept wriggling his face closer until he was basically kissing me through the disc thing, still making those noises, then he just giggled and giggled and holy crap I don't know but it was so funny. XD;;

...That's pretty much all there was to it. God, I could not keep a straight face while typing that last part. *dies*

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

4:09PM - Happy giddy adolescent adventures

No, seriously. e_e

I'm pretty sure I had this one Saturday night (or more like Sunday morning since I only sleep for about the last 3-4 hours before 8am on Sundays), but figured I should save it since it came out of nowhere but was so cutesy and happy. Unfortunately, the setting involved me being a high school student again. In reality nothing about that statement is happy in any way whatsoever. >>

Anyway... otherwise, it involved who I refer to as the only guy I ever had a "real" crush on in school, whom we shall refer to as D. Which, since I haven't thought about him in years and am pretty sure he's married with kids now like everyone else I went to school with, makes about as much sense as me having a happy giddy dream in which I'm still in high school.

Anyway >>... in real life back then, D was always really nice to me. We didn't exactly hang out together on our own much, but when we had classes or other activities together he'd always talk to me and invite me to play this or that game or whatever with him, etc. It was the same in the dream. Then finally, somehow, we ended up in some classroom(?) alone together... and I don't know if it was right before we were going to graduate or if he was moving away or what, but somehow we knew it would be the last time we'd see each other at school. So we started out just chatting as usual, but he seemed all adorably nervous for some reason. Then things fell silent, and I went to do something on the other side of the room... and my phone rang. (No, I was not one of those kids who had a cell phone in high school. This was more than 10 years ago, kids. e_e) So I answered... and it was D. From the other side of the room. Yeah. So I humored him for a moment, just went back and forth like a normal phone call, then as the conversation seemed to be wrapping up I turned to look in his direction again... and just then he jumped to his feet all dramatically and exclaimed into the phone "I love you and I always will!" D'awww, teenage romance. >_> So I stood there shocked for a second, then I rushed over to him to give him a hug and a kiss and whatever.

Remember, I was still a teenager in this dream. So this all made me inexplicably giddy. e_e

The rest of it was kind of vague... at last it was time for him to leave, so he headed out to the parking lot... but after a moment I ran out after him, finding him just getting into his car. So he smiled at me and offered to take me somewhere for a drink "on the way," which I thought just meant he'd drop me off at home afterward or something... but I ended up going with him wherever he went and stayed with him. Forever, I guess, since he was supposed to be leaving forever.

Yeah, very weird and a little disturbing, but... well, no but. Just very weird and a little disturbing.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

11:59PM - Visual kei x baseball?

This is quickly turning into my band dream journal... >>;; Sadly dreams don't come as often to my brain as they used to, and when they do they're usually pretty pointless... even my band dreams have been pretty lame lately. The other night I actually had my first Mst dream, but nothing even happened. He was just... there, wherever I went. >>...

Last night (well, two nights ago now... hence the weird dating) I actually had a Luzmelt dream for the first time in ages, though even it was all mixed up and had elements of Suicide Ali too. >_> I mean, the band present was Luzmelt - Yuhma was especially prevalent, though I didn't actually interact with him or any of the other guys (see what I mean by even my band dreams being lame?) - but like, Miwa came over with them, and when discussions of merchandise and stuff came up, it was always Suicide Ali goods that exchanged hands...

But anyway, the weird part of the story is that we were apparently taking the band to appear at a Cincinnati Reds game. O_o This probably came up because everyone in my family - parents, brother, nephew, all five of us - has been talking about going to a Reds game here in a couple weeks, so I've been surrounded by the idea for a while, heh. But yeah, so we were all meeting up getting ready to take off for Cinci... I remember Roger, Tiffany, Reiko, Aimee, Angel, and I believe Don all being around at some point or another... and for some reason it was revealed that we would all have to appear on the field along with the band to give them a big introduction and stuff, so Roger had me ask Miwa if they had brought any official band T-shirts we could wear to really push them out there. They had, so she started handing them out to us... and they were Suicide Ali shirts. Yeah, that sort of thing. >_o

Anyway, we got all our stuff ready, and headed down to Cinci in what I believe was some kind of chartered bus. And when we arrived... the "stadium" turned out to be not the Reds stadium, but some dinky little stadium next to it that looked like it only held a few hundred people at max capacity, and it was practically empty. Weird sort of disappointing moment there, heh. Still weirder, we all had to line up in some kind of parade formation to escort/introduce the band. Not sure who all was with us besides the usual staff and the band members, but somehow our little parade ended up consisting of a pretty big group... and we had to do all these weird moves as we marched out, as we introduced the band, and as the band performed, kinda like their furitsuke but more elaborate and choreographed. But of course we hadn't practiced it or anything beforehand (at least I hadn't) so the result was suitably ridiculous. >>

That's about all I remember...

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3:36AM - lix!

So, as my mind and (slight remaining) sanity prepare themselves for Tekkoshocon and lix' US debut next week, I actually had my first lix dream last night. Not counting the one I had way back in late summer in which I talked to Ryu on the phone, heh (aww, I still remember that one well...)

This time, of course, the setting was me and the other staff preparing for Tekkoshocon. I know in the beginning I was with Tiff and Reiko, but then somehow things got switched around and suddenly I was with this girl... or on the way to meet her or something... but yeah, basically she was some high school girl whom Roger had "hired" to help the staff. But before I actually had any interaction with her, I somehow came across some notebook... like a journal of hers or something, in which she had written nothing but why all the current "official" staffers sucked and she would make a better choice to work for lix than any of them. She'd written at least a whole page for everyone, and most of them had a photo too. Her page about me had no photo, but she went on about how I was only there to cling to the band members all the time, not to actually work... >___> Um, lol, clinging to the band members all the time IS my work. Just read the contract. >>; And yeah, stuff like that... whatever. I remember the only thing she bothered to criticize Reiko on was her fashion sense... better yet, she was basing her judgments on just one photo of Reiko in some kind of OBVIOUSLY NOT-HER-NORM costume consisting of some ultra-shiny skimpy silver dress, massive platforms which I believe were bright yellow, various ridiculous accessories... I seem to remember faux fur in a few places... yeah, it was weird. XD; I wanted to kick this girl before I even met her... but then I finally did, and it turned out she was like, two feet taller than ROGER. X_x

But yeah... meeting this chick led to Roger introducing me to a whole horde of other fangirl staffers (though I didn't remember any of their names a few minutes later) while we all waited in the hotel parking lot for the band to arrive. From this point on I don't remember ever seeing Tiff or Reiko again, for some reason. :\ And Roger was coming and going and in and out and all over the place, typically. At one point I followed him just to make sure something-or-other would get done right, but other than that everyone just hung out and played around outside the hotel. Which resembled the nice big roomy Nekocon venue more than anything I've ever seen in Pittsburgh, but oh well...

Anyway, finally we caught sight of the four guys stepping out of a van and strolling our way... and things finally got interesting. As I always do in real life, I started by looking them over and trying to sort out who was who, since I've only ever met one of them before... but actually, the most recognizable one of the lot was Sho. He looked JUST like he always did in LIX. photos and the DVD and stuff. I only recognized Yuu by his short stature and facial features, because his hair was... blond. Like, WHITE blond. More so than Yuhma's. Also, it was RIDICULOUSLY short on top, as if he'd buzzed it about a month ago and it was just growing back, but still really really long in the back. Ridiculous. XD But after the obligatory greeting with Roger, next he made a beeline for me squeeing "Becky~ Hisashiburi~" and grabbing my hands to shake them. This was immediately followed by a guy with long blond hair and glasses doing the exact same thing. This made me giggle since I'd never met him before and hadn't even figured out who he was yet. XD; Both of the remaining guys after Yuu and Sho had blond hair, one much longer than the other, and I think both even had glasses... I know the one with really long hair did. For some reason I thought at first that the long-haired one was Mst, just because I'd seen pictures of him recently with long hair... then, for some reason, I couldn't even remember who the fourth guy was. >__>;; It took me until the end of the dream to remember they had a member named Chihiro and what he looked like and stuff, haha *fail* So yeah, finally I figured out that the long-haired one was Chihiro (looked nothing like he actually does, though...) and the other one must've been Mst, even though he was blond, because he was really short. XD *shot*

Wow, rambling... anyway, then we were all kind of just sitting around (still outside), the band guys all on some bunch or something, with me and several other people across from them. Then one of the guys (I think Yuu, but not even sure...) took out a camera and aimed it at me. So I did my lame little V-sign pose >> and he made some goofy chuckle noise and took the picture... then he handed me the camera and said something like "There, now you can keep that. But keep it turned off until 6 hours before we all leave at the end of the weekend." ...What? >_>; Of course, I didn't listen and turned it on to look for my picture anyway. >> He didn't say anything, lol... but I never found my picture anyway, because he had the weirdest camera EVER. The first thing on the display after I turned it on (after finally finding the power button...) was some little video game. O_o Then an adventure through menus, then just when I thought I'd found the gallery, it took me back to that game... I don't even know.

The rest of the dream mostly consisted of everyone, band guys included, just kind of running around and goofing off outside the hotel since for some reason we apparently couldn't go in yet... and yeah, that's about all I remember. Mostly I was amused by their appearances, and how totally different everyone looked except Sho. XD;

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2:45PM - samurai heroes?

I've actually been having some really cool dreams over the past several days, but I never remember them by the time I'm awake enough to think about it. The one I had last night was kind of epic though, so I had to get it down.

I was, like, some kind of samurai-inspired superhero or something. >> There were actually three of us, myself and two guys whose identities I can't remember... and throughout the dream we were up against a team just like ours, two guys and a girl, except they were evil. I don't know what our mission was or whatever, but it led us to infiltrate their house. We had to sneak - crawl, really - past the room they were in and down this long hallway to their bedroom. And I remember they had some servant dude or something who bore a disturbing resemblance to Bunsen Honeydew. Wtf, brain? >> But yeah, he was actually on our side and stayed in the hallway telling us when it was safe to move and stuff.

So we got into the bedroom, and the next step was to change into our superhero costumes. I think the "samurai" idea in my head came from these costumes... I just remember a long brown robe thing, a white and brown patterned top of some sort going on over it, knee-length knitted socks, and sandal-like shoes (only the footwear varied in color). So for some reason the two guys on my team got dressed faster than I did, and I guess they decided to escape out the window first and I'd catch up with them later, or something. But as I was still in the middle of changing, the two dudes on the enemy team (their female member, like me, was off on her own somewhere) came in and caught me. I escaped suspicion, though, by pretending to be the innocent bimbo girlfriend of one of the guys who'd just escaped through the window. >> They actually bought it since I was in the middle of changing and kind of half-naked, heh. I threw in lots of humiliated shrieks and screeches and even cried like a baby at having been left behind in this state by my "boyfriend." >_> It was kinda funny, lol.

Anyway, eventually the bad guys left the room again and I was free to continue changing. I got into the brown robe and the white patterned thing that went over it, and was just grabbing a pair of socks from a rack nearby (apparently the bad guys wore the exact same costumes that we did) when one of my own teammates returned, sort of sad and desperate as he gave me a hug and told me our third teammate was in trouble and he had to go help. I told him I'd come too if he'd give me 10 seconds to put these socks and shoes on, but he said there wasn't enough time and took off again.

So I returned to putting on the socks I'd just picked up... but I discovered they were some ugly mix of pink and tan, so I switched them for another pair. >> And of course, in the meantime I heard the bad guys coming back. I knew they'd catch me this time since I was in costume now - mostly - so I hid in a corner between the bed and the wall and just hoped they wouldn't look. Of course, they did, though... but this time I pretended to be asleep until they started yelling and trying to grab for me. So I snapped to life and started this act of "Oh, God, did I fall asleep?? How embarrassing... I'll just go now..." and stood up to reveal my costume. Which set off alarm bells in their brains again, but I laughed it off and said something like "What? I had no clothes, and this was the only girl's outfit you had in here! I had to put SOMEthing on! *vapid giggle*" And they actually bought it. :P

So now the only thing remaining was to put on socks and shoes to complete my getup and make my grand escape. So I grabbed a pair of socks from the rack... once again drawing their suspicion, but I think I just pulled another "Oh, these are pretty~ Mind if I borrow them?" or something and wormed out of it... or maybe I said nothing at all, just put them on as innocently as could be. The only remaining challenge was the shoes. There were three pairs on the floor in different colors, and I set my sights on the brown pair, which apparently belonged to the guy who was the brains of the bad guy operation (second only to the female member :P but she wasn't there lol). He looked like he was going to grab for me when I picked them up, but I just put on another show of "Wow, these are so nice! Are they yours?" So he gave this smug little nod, and I took the ultimate risk of sitting right beside him on the bed while I looked over the shoes in my hands, making various complimentary remarks about them. When he was nice and melted by the flattery, I finally asked if I could just try them on, and he nodded agreement. So on they went... and interestingly, at that very moment their female teammate returned and lunged to attack me, while I swung some random sparkly weapon that had suddenly appeared in my hand and bolted. Escape complete.

The rest of the dream was basically spent running from the evil chick, since apparently I'd thoroughly outwitted/beaten the guys already. Every now and then she'd catch up to me and we'd battle for a while, then I'd take off and lead her on the chase again. But of course, my advantage was that I could fly. :P Or like, super-jump, at least. At one point I leapt way up to the top of this giant tree... which looked a lot like the old sycamore tree in my grandparents' backyard when my family lived next to them in real life. It was bigger, though. And it was funny, because when I reached the highest limbs, I found all these random toys and stuff that had been thrown up into the tree by us kids ages ago and got stuck because nobody could climb up high enough to get them out. :P I even found a cat up there who, in my dream, was apparently the yellow tabby tom we'd had for about a year until he ran away. I guess he'd just gotten himself stuck in the tree and decided to live out his life there, lol... for over 20 years, apparently, since he was still alive. O_o

Anyway... I guess I shook off my pursuer, for a while at least, since my mission then turned to finding the member of my team who was in trouble and saving him. His dilemma was something like... he'd been turned into a little kid with some weird name? But yeah... after hopping over treetops and buildings and mountainsides and stuff, I finally found him, this little boy alone and scared and crying... but other than hugging him to comfort him, I can't remember what I did to save him, because then my cat woke me up.

Also had some other dream that involved roller skating with a bunch of people who I have a feeling were significant somehow, but I can't remember anything else about it...

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Friday, February 18, 2011

11:59AM - Interesting action-y thing

Almost forgot... had an interesting dream two nights ago (hence the bogus date) that kind of crossed all kinds of levels, had the potential to be scary, annoying, sad, and a million other things... but all I can remember is that it was really intense and had a definite progression, almost like an action movie. The first thing I recall is that someone I knew in high school had died... can't remember who... so I was walking by the lot where my high school used to be (it's all bulldozed now in real life, but it was still there in the dream... or some new building had been put there or something). It was totally by chance at first, but then I spotted a couple girls from my high school class walking around there too, looking sad and obviously gathering there for some kind of memorial for the person who'd died... so when they caught up to me and said hi and stuff, I decided to tell them I'd come by to pay my respects. That's all I remember on that end of it, though...

Next thing I knew, I had teamed up with another girl I'd gone to school with, whom I shall call Amanda, and we spent the rest of the dream on some quest... for what, I have no idea. I just know we spent the entire time running and doing all these nifty action-packed stunts in order to get wherever we needed to be. At least I found it interesting that I had a dream in which I was constantly running, but running toward something, not away from something. Anyway, again, not sure what we were trying to accomplish, but I'm pretty sure it was heroic somehow. :P In the end Amanda led me into this huge top-secret building where we walked by a bunch of other people from our high school class, who were all working on this massive... bomb or missile of some sort. Like, the thing was probably as big as some airplanes I've ridden in the past. They were all oddly cheerful for a team working on a doomsday device though, all of them smiling and waving at us as we walked by... though I think they were actually working to disarm it, not to launch it... but yeah.

The only other fragment of the dream that I remember was when the only guy in high school that I ever really had a crush on showed up with his wife and child, and I was all sad. >_>;; Heh. Anyway, yeah, random and mostly pointless update... but the whole thing felt kind of randomly epic and heroic and stuff, so I thought I'd save it. >>

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

11:59AM - Luzmelt! Times two!

It's very rare that I dream about Luzmelt or any of the members thereof... but last night I had one about the band in its current lineup, and the night before that, one about the former bassist Zig (now known as Masa in his new band, Dunkelheit). O_o

I don't remember much of the Zig one, except that I woke up with the feeling that it had been really goofy and fun... but the Luzmelt one... I guess they came over here for another event of some sort, spanning maybe 4 or 5 days as usual. But for whatever reason, I literally didn't get to see any of them at all until the morning of the third day. I remember waking up with Kaie's cell phone, and the knowledge that he had lost it, so I got up and got ready and headed out to the big living/common room sort of space where we were all meeting up, ready to return it to him. And before I could even say anything to him, he found me and said something to the effect that he'd really like to have "it" back now. Interesting how he didn't even have to say what the item in question was; even though we hadn't seen each other since they'd arrived (or since their last time in the US, technically), there was apparently some understanding between us as he was all smiley and silly when he asked for it. Heh. Anyway... so yeah, I gave it to him, and all I remember of Kaie for the rest of the dream is watching him talk with my dad (who was suddenly there for some reason) about, like, American history. In English. GOOD English. Random much?

Anyway, the next thing I remember is Yuhma approaching me and Reiko, carrying his shoes and asking us to put them on his feet for him. And then to do his nails for him. Yeah. XD;; He was even giving us all these precise instructions on how he wanted them filed and shaped and stuff... amusingly he pointed to one of my own nails as a reference point, haha. But yeah, apparently just then we had to get moving, so he ended up putting on his own shoes and not getting his nails done. *shrug* Most random moment I've ever had in a band dream...

As for Nov... he was there, but I never got to talk to him, nor were we even introduced. I only remember Reiko telling me how awesome he was and how much she adored him. :P As we were all moving to wherever it was we needed to go, she filled me in on all the awesome stuff I'd missed over the past couple days... I was so jealous >>

Unfortunately that's about all I remember...

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Friday, August 13, 2010

1:44PM - first LIX. dream, I think

Another one of those dreams that was happy and fun, but made me wake up all sad...

So this time I was at some sort of huge party in what looked like someone's huge house. No idea what exactly was going on, but Morrigan, Tiffany, and Reiko were all there. We were sitting around and somehow got to talking about the (current) LIX. vocalist, Ryu... and Tiffany said she called him and talked to him all the time. She'd even called him earlier that day. So... she broke out her phone and called him again. >.> I think she talked to him for a while but then the call got cut off or something, so she called him back... and this time for some reason, she started telling him about me. I heard him on the other end repeating my name and saying he wanted to talk to me... so she handed me the phone.

Of course, I was suddenly mind-numbingly nervous and had to pause for a few breaths before I spoke. >>;; Finally I said "Moshimoshi..." to which he said "Becky?" and I said "Hai..." Then he introduced himself and I said "Oh! Hajimemashite!!" ...and that was the last appearance of Japanese in this dream. >_> I don't know why Japanese people always speak in English in my dreams, no matter how hard I try...

But anyway, he proved to be a REALLY nice guy, and after a minute or two I was over my nervousness and we just talked and talked. He asked some questions about the band's... Myspace? Facebook? one of those... and later told me the band would be going to Canada, followed by Germany and Spain, and asked me if I would go. (Luzmelt influence, I think... >.>) I said I could definitely do Canada, but probably not the others... then I told him they should come to the US. He said something like "But I hate when Americans say they hate us..." and I was like, WTF? Who on earth could hate LIX.? D: They're not even known widely enough here to be hated... But anyway, yeah... I told him to just ignore the haters and focus on the fans, and he kinda laughed, but I don't remember what came after that. Eventually silence fell over the line, which in my dream apparently meant the call had been cut off, so I took Tiffany's phone back to her (I had been wandering around all over the house while I talked to him lol... I always pace while on the phone) and babbled for a while about how awesome he was... and that's all I remember.

Then I woke up all sad because it reminded me that Ryu, along with Yasuhiro and Sho, will be leaving LIX. next month. :\ Darn it...

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Friday, July 30, 2010

2:30PM - Goshi being his awesome creative genius self

Short entry because my memory is made of fail. I just know I had Suicide Ali-related dreams the past two nights, and both were Goshi-centric. One I don't remember at all, the other I only remember one part of, but something in my brain tells me they were both really fun, so I thought I'd give them a mention here.

The one I remember part of was last night's, in which Goshi had created a bunch of new story characters of some sort. I think it was one for each letter of the alphabet... they even went in order, like the A-character, B-character, C-character, etc... but oddly, they weren't named in alphabetical order. Like, the very first one was named Yang. O_o But yeah, I just remember that there were a few random people (fans? staff? press?) in a room with Goshi and me, and he was answering their questions about the new characters with my interpretation. The only answer I remember now was that he named the A (or B?)-character Yang as an alphabetical contrast to his position in the lineup.

Yeah, I dunno. >> I only remember that the characters were really cool (there was even character art), the story was really interesting, and Goshi was really awesome. You'd think that would mean I'd retain more details, but nope. Blah.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12:44PM - another catch-up post, sort of

I've had several dreams in the past couple weeks that I'm not sure if I should make an effort to remember or not. They were fun and nice for the most part, but well... you know how certain happy dreams sort of mess with your head and make you think things you probably shouldn't? Yeah, that's all I shall say on that.

There have been a few random ones scattered in the mix that were really cool, though. For a few days I had, like, three or four Suicide Ali dreams in a row, at least one involving them coming over here to do a concert/tour/whatever and stay at my house between stops. That was pretty chaotic. :P Another night I remember spending most of the dream crying for no reason I can remember (odd since I haven't cried in years), and one morning I woke up with this weird feeling that I'd just had a really awesome, interesting dream, but I couldn't remember a single detail of it. I hate that...

Anyway, that brings me to today. Last night's dream was... at times scary, at times fun, and in the end totally awesome (in my weird mind). It was one of those things that told a story with a plot, from beginning to end, almost like a movie or some such... and as so often happens when I have dreams like that, it repeated a few times before I finally woke up. But each time it repeated, some detail or event in the story was different, though it always led to the same ending.

The main point of the story was, in short, that some guy was trying to kill me and I had to kill him first or I'd never escape him. In one of the earlier repetitions of the dream, I used this... thing that reminded me of a hair pick carved out of bone... to stab him in the back, somehow killing him rather instantly. A couple repetitions later, I had that same object and decided I would use it to kill him again, and my opportunity came when he somehow led me into this bathhouse type place. I knew he planned to kill me once we got inside and into a private bath away from all witnesses, but as soon as we got through the door, when he was in front of me and his back was bare, I went for it... and missed. >> So I went for it again... and missed... and again, and missed... and through all this, despite that a few strikes at least left some scratches on his back, he never even twitched, let alone turn on me or try to run. Finally I managed to sink the object deep into his back, right beside his spine, and finally he noticed... but this time he didn't die. Instead the chase was on, and I was on the run again.

So now we come to the ending, which was pretty much the same in every repetition of the dream: we ended up outside, on some kind of boat over the ocean, with a bunch of other people around us. Some of them were friends, others were policemen I guess, but mysteriously they never showed any interest in this psychopath who was trying to kill me. Instead, when I finally managed to escape his attacks and kill him (the new detail in the final repetition was me strangling him with a random rope that appeared from the ocean), they wanted to arrest ME for murder. So... somehow, someway, I magically turned into a whale and escaped to the depths of the ocean, swimming and swimming and swimming and finally surfacing again weeks later, thousands of miles away, to learn that the authorities had given up looking for me.

Turning into a whale. A humpback whale at that, I'm pretty sure. How awesome can you get? There was even all this epic happy ending music playing in the background as I swam free. :P

Anyway, yeah, that's pretty much it. I woke up with my current music stuck in my head and here we are. >.>

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

2:51AM - return of an old/new/constant? infatuation

I actually had a couple of Suicide Ali dreams this past week, which hasn't happened much in quite a while (and when they do they're usually not all that fun)... so I thought I'd at least give them a mention here.

The first one was a couple nights ago, and there's actually a small story behind it. I found out in April that Suicide Ali would be releasing a new maxi single on June 23, which happens to be my birthday, and I got all geeky over that because I'm a geek. >.> So in the dream they were back in the states for whatever reason, and all of us from both band and staff were in this big room/suite/possibly house... I forget who was in there exactly, but I know Hisashi was one of them because he made some comment to the other guy(s) in there about needing to do something, and he got up and left the room with the others following his lead. I was left in there with the rest of the staff, I think.

But then after just a minute or so, the door opened and all the members and Japanese staff started filing back into the room... clapping a rhythm and carrying random bundles and singing Happy Birthday. To me. Because it was apparently June 23. And holy crap, in the dream I was so happy I nearly cried. They each had presents for me which they gave me individually and there were handshakes and hugs involved and I particularly remember one really bright, happy smile from Goshi (who was otherwise a silent presence lol) and just... wow.

A couple other amusing details... I don't remember all the presents they gave me, but I know not all of them were actual objects. Like, the Japanese staff girls did my hair for me, someone started putting makeup on me... oh, here's the amusing part. I swear that someone was Dai. As in, 1st period BLOOD and later Sherock. THAT Dai. >_o

But yeah... the other part I remember clearly was feeling sort of bad because, even though they were all giving me individual gifts and I was so floored and happy I could have imploded on the spot, all I kept thinking was "Who's going to give me copies of Stitch DoLL and the Variable Messiah album...?" e___e;;

Anyway... the next one came the following night, but I don't really remember it that well. I just know Hisashi was in it, and he and I were lying on some bed (on our backs and far apart, don't worry >>) watching some TV show or something. I'm pretty sure he said something funny at some point, but I don't know what it was. Darn it. >_>

That's pretty much all I can remember well enough to put here. Funny how Hisashi was the one to stand out and take the prominent role in both of these, though... >> But yeah... I rarely have dreams worth remembering anymore, and ones with Suicide Ali in them are an even rarer combination, so I wanted to get that out.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

4:04PM - outfits of win

So. Last night's dream was a weird source of amusement because I was Nino. >__>

I very, very rarely dream about Arashi, despite my constant absorption in their TV shows... I can't even remember the last time I did, actually. But this one was amusing because... well, I was Nino. Come on. :P

Nothing particularly interesting even happened, really... I know all the members were there and they (we?) were getting ready for some performance/appearance, in our separate dressing rooms which looked more like stately mansion bedrooms. And my outfit was this hilarious garish thing that looked like a kindergarten kid's art palette, all white with random bright color blotches all over it. Even better, as a finishing touch before I went to join the others, I decided to put some temporary pink streaks in my hair. And it actually worked. I looked hideous and adorable. >.>

Um, yeah, anyway... then somehow I turned into myself again, and I was wearing this really gorgeous formal dress and preparing to go to... my senior prom, I guess, except there was no dating or dancing or anything. Might not have even been any guys there... I just remember hanging around with a lot of the girls from my high school senior class, waiting to get our pictures taken. Was actually kind of okay, considering how much high school actually sucked for me. Everyone said I had the most gorgeous dress in the place though... unfortunately my shoes were some weird mixture of formal white sandals and old tennis shoes. >.>

There are a lot of darty eyes in this post... but anyway, yeah, that's that.

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2:23PM - A year's worth of dreams?

No, I'm not going to mass-update with every single dream I've had in the year since I last posted here... but I figure, what's the use in having a dream log if I don't record ANY dreams in it? Problem is, my mind seems to be losing its edge or something... I don't dream nearly as often as I did a few years ago, and when I do, I forget most or all of it by the time I wake up. And the ones I do remember aren't exactly memorable. But I have had a few dreams in the past year that stuck in my memory this long for whatever reason, so I thought I'd just make a general outline in one big post here. After that, I'll post the first real update in a year to describe the dream I had last night, just because it amused me.

Where to start... the oldest, I guess? Sometime last... summer?... I had a dream in which I saw two big, gorgeous stallions ganging up on a tiny newborn foal, bullying it forever and seeming to laugh at its screams of fear and pain, and finally eating it alive. Depressing and random, but at the time it seemed like the kind of thing that's probably symbolic somehow, so I thought I'd record it.

Then... hmm, I mentioned a couple of trends in my regular journal in a post yesterday, so I guess I should touch on them here. In short, I heard somewhere that dreams about driving, and specifically dreams about things going wrong while driving (swerving, driving from the backseat, etc) are a common dream theme... but my first thought was, "I've never had a dream in which I was driving... is it really that common?" But then I remembered, I did have a few dreams in which I was driving... it was just never a car. I remember at least two in which I drove a motorcycle, one or two in which I drove a pickup truck (once I know it was my dad's old white Dodge utility pickup, which he just sold not long ago), and most recently, one where I was driving some sort of SUV or Jeep or something with a couple of guys who don't really exist but were my buddies in the dream... and the gas ran out and we had to take a bus the rest of the way. But anyway, I realized that maybe the common driving theme is right - in all of those dreams, my driving wasn't going well. There was swerving, sliding, breaking down, losing control, running out of gas... no wrecking, but just about everything short of that. And usually by the end of the dream I wondered how the heck I was still alive.

But the most entertaining of my dream themes in the past year had to be when I started having dreams about random celebrities. Not even ones I'm a big fan of, usually... and all but one of them were Japanese. The exception was Michael Jackson. >> (This was before he died, by the way.) Thriller-era Michael Jackson, specifically, because he had the fro and the red jacket... but the premise was that he and I were starring in some movie together. All I remember was that it ended with some romance scene, and he was really sweet and loving and I was disturbingly naked *shudder*... then when the director called CUT on the final scene, we went our separate ways without a second look at each other. So professional. :P

The ones with random Japanese celebrities were much more amusing, though. As I recall, it started with the comedy duo Taka & Toshi... specifically Toshi, with whom I became the best of buds in the dream, apparently. I remember chatting and wrestling around and laughing a lot. Then came one with an actor I'm so unfamiliar with, I didn't even know his full name. I just called him Waki-san. Later I looked him up and found that it was Waki Tomohiro, who played supporting characters in a couple of dramas I've seen. In the dream we bumped into each other in a dentist's waiting room and he was hitting on me. >.>; It was funny though, lol. But yeah, there was also one with Mori Kumiko, but I can't remember anything about it now... and there was one with the comedy duo Drunk Dragon which might have been the most fun. I was in some drawing contest, and the participants had to wander around this really neat multi-level zoo place and find a few subjects to draw. But at the very end, I remember coming across an elephant... with Drunk Dragon riding on it. I remember Tsukaji sitting on its back (head?), and Suzuki hanging from its trunk, clinging for dear life. XD

Then, just in the past month or two, I started having the occasional dream with the rock musician Daigo. Actually, I think there were just two or three, but I only remember one now... it was really cool though. He was playing the lead in a romance drama, and his love interest appeared to be played by Karina... kinda like when they co-starred in Love Shuffle, except Daigo's character was cool and suave and sweet and awesome, not cutely geeky and awkward. And the "drama" in my dream was a really typical story in which they met, grew close, fell in love, got married, and adjusted to married life... but it had a really dark (as in the lighting, not the mood), sophisticated atmosphere, and for some reason I found it really awesome.

On the subject of Japanese celebrities, there have, as always, been a few dreams involving the J-rock boys I've worked with over the years... BLOOD, GPKISM, Suicide Ali, etc. The most memorable one recently was sometime last week, I think, which was doubtlessly inspired by my upcoming plans to staff a convention starring both Suicide Ali and Luzmelt as the musical guests. In the dream, Luzmelt arrived first... but as I met the members one by one, their images and stage names were... not Luzmelt-y at all. They reminded me more of, like... 2 Bullet or SaTaN or something. >_o They were all really nice though, heh. And Suicide Ali never did appear in that dream... but a few days later I had one that was just the opposite, where Suicide Ali showed up first but Luzmelt never did. I remember all the SA members except Kozi came together, and we were all having a typically awesome time, then the time came to pick up Kozi from the airport and he made a beeline straight for me and grabbed me in a hug. He was being all goofy the rest of the time... it was cute. :P Then later Fu-ki showed up somehow, and he and I were picking on each other... just like old times, haha. I'll always be weirdly proud that I got to tsukkomi him twice before BLOOD broke up. XD

Anyway... hmm... I guess that's all I can think of. Now I'll go write up a post for last night's dream... it won't be nearly as long, don't worry. :P I just didn't want to forget it.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

11:24PM - all my dreams suck lately... even Goshi ones

For some reason I've been thinking quite a bit about Suicide Ali recently, and I attribute last night's dream to that fact. Like some of my thoughts, though, the dream was kind of more depressing than pleasant.

So in the dream, somehow, Goshi had come to the US to stay for a little while (like days or weeks). And thanks to a few conditions - one being that Suicide Ali had come back to do another concert in Richmond Dale of all places (and I hadn't even been able to go), another being that all the street signs along US Route 50, the country highway that connects my house and Richmond Dale in real life, were replaced with signs saying "Bit el Bedi St." and such - I deduced that he was staying somewhere in that span of Route 50. This was confirmed when my dad came home from work one day and said he had stopped somewhere on Route 50 that day and saw a guy who called himself... some nickname, I forget what it was, but it was unmistakeably Goshi. So I immediately took off to find him.

My first and only stop on Route 50 was, of all places, the chunk of land where the elementary school I attended for grades 5-6 used to be (it's a gas station now). And for some reason Cousin Dumplin' was with me from this point in the dream onward. And there was this house/building next to the school/gas station/whatever it was in the dream in which we suspected Goshi was lodging, so we played stakeout for a while... and after just a few minutes, sure enough, he emerged from a door on the top floor and came walking down a balcony thing toward a stairway that led him to the ground. It was all messed up... he had the long hair and short-ish, chunky physique of Dumplin's brother, but we knew it was Goshi... and when he came down I saw that he did have Goshi's face. Weird combination...

So I immediately started waving and calling to him, and after a minute of either ignoring me or not hearing me, he finally smiled, waved, and came over to give me a hug. Didn't really say a word to me though. I introduced him to my cousin, asked him how long he would be staying here, told him I lived just minutes away, said I hoped I could see him again before he went back to Japan... and still he never really said a word to me other than a noncommittal nod and smile and "uh huh" sort of grunt thing. Also, he was surrounded by a few random girls the entire time... apparently he was, um, shacking up with them... and they were just plain nasty to me.

Somehow, though, the two of us ended up in a vehicle with Goshi and the girls while they drove him to another house, one just a couple minutes down the road in a little subdivision we call Freeman Addition. I still got the same treatment whenever I tried to talk to him... like I was some unknown but mildly amusing fangirl. He talked to Dumplin' more than he even looked at me. And when they reached the house where he was being dropped off, I don't think he even said goodbye to me... just waved at the most. Worse, as we were driving past the house we'd dropped him off in, I caught sight of Hiroshi inside (wearing a cat suit, of all things...) and somehow managed to reach out of the car and knock on a window to get his attention. He turned to look at me, and I waved and said hi, but he just stared at me, face totally void of recognition, until we were back on the road out of sight range.

So I was feeling thoroughly confused and somewhat depressed when the girls dropped us off back where we started, at the school-turned-gas-station-but-was-a-school-again-in-the-dream. And I had missed the bus that was supposed to take me to the school I needed to get to in Richmond Dale. So I had to wait for a later bus, got to school late, forgot my schedule, went into the wrong classes, failed things, etc etc... and that's pretty much all I remember.

Yeah, lately I'm a stranger even in my own dreams. I don't know what it is.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

11:50PM - squirrel...?

Had a weird one last night about... a squirrel. Yeah. There was more to it, of course, but the part that really stood out was the squirrel.

I don't know how it started or what all was going on; I just know there was this squirrel that was obsessed with me. Every time I was outside it would watch me and follow me around. Occasionally it would try to get close, at which point I would put a little more distance between it and me, or just go inside. I didn't know if the little beast meant to attack me or was infested with disease or whatnot, y'know.

Anyway, one night, something I deemed as dangerous was going on outside... maybe a big nasty predator prowling around, maybe just a storm, I dunno. But I decided it was dangerous enough to let the squirrel follow me into the house. I led it into the spare upstairs room we mainly use for storage, but of course when I went to leave, it kept following me out. Finally I got it to stay inside and shut the door to keep it in, and went off to my own room to sleep.

Few hours later when I went back to let the squirrel out, it was waiting right inside for me to open the door, and as soon as I did it bolted out... and climbed right up my leg, right up my shirt, right onto my shoulder... where it gave me a kiss on the ear. You know how little animals sort of... taste you without really nibbling or licking, but just opening the mouth a bit and touching you? Yeah, that. In the dream it was unmistakeably a squirrel kiss. >.> Anyway... I stood there gawking for a minute, then gathered my senses, realized the little furball was still happily perched on my shoulder... and walked downstairs to show mom, who was slightly freaked out at first but didn't seem too concerned at all with the presence of a wild animal in her home, on her daughter's person. I let it outside again after that, and that's all I remember.

There was much more to the dream (or sequence thereof) after that... something about watching (or actually, being part of) a movie about a little kid who looked a lot like the boy in Free Willy... something about a bunch of random people coming over for a barbecue, and some girl bringing a big black dog that reminded me of Goober and letting her eat people's food right off the table and getting mad at me when I brought the dog inside to keep her away from people's food... randomness, nothing too special.

But the squirrel business was just kinda weird. I don't even like squirrels.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

7:11PM - recap of the past few days

I've been really bad about updating this... mostly because I rarely remember my dreams when I wake up anymore. But in the past week or two I've actually remembered more, yet I still haven't updated. So here's a little collection of a few of those.

First, a few nights ago I had some interesting dream about a lizard. Yes, a lizard. A tiny little lizard, no longer than my index finger, living in the room I was sharing with some other people I can't remember for some reason. In reality I know lizards are harmless, especially tiny ones like this one, but in the dream for some reason we all freaked out every time we saw her (yes, her) because we weren't sure if she was poisonous. At one point near the end she managed to bite one of the guys I was living with (don't read that wrong... I have no idea who these people were but apparently we had no connections other than rooming arrangements), and after a few minutes the bitten area was covered with a rapidly growing red/purple spot that confirmed our fears - we thought. But then the lizard bit one of my fingers and didn't seem to have any lingering effects... but maybe that was because I shook her off before she could really sink her teeth in.

Another weird thing I remember about this lizard is that, though she was aggressive, I had the impression that she was like a pet, especially to me. I remember at one point I picked her up and was petting her, and I swear she was purring. This was just before she went a little nuts and bit the guy and me. >.>

Anyway, at the end of the dream I was walking around outside - heading back home after going somewhere - and as I walked past some building, I saw another lizard crawling around along the outside wall. But this one was black and had a couple of blue stripes along the sides, and somehow I automatically knew it was the male of my little pet's species. Also labeled them as skinks after that. >> But yeah, somehow a light bulb went off, and I took the male into the room to introduce him to her... and they immediately became quite the happy cuddly little reptilian couple. And she wasn't aggressive anymore. >> That's all I remember of that one.

Then the next night I had one that I remembered when I woke up and would normally write here, except that I've forgotten it now. All I remember is being back in school (or that age anyway), a blizzard, and some people breaking into my house trying to kill me... hmm...

But the next cool one was earlier today as I was catnapping for about an hour. It consisted of shopping in some huge Japanese supermarket. It was bliss. >.> *is a geek* Then when I woke up and dinnertime rolled around I enjoyed a lovely bowl of instant tempura soba. Mmm.

...My memory's even weaker than I thought. Guess this is all I've got for now after all.

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