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Life as told by a thousand dreams...

~my dream log~

Dreams of Fluffy Doom
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This journal is a dream log. Which means every entry will be a record of a dream. No dear-diary everyday life tales here. You can find that stuff at my regular LJ, angelembryo.

Just to clarify, this log contains every dream I wrote down offline since late October 2003, and they are uploaded with their accurate dates. Which is why you see entries from 2003 in a journal that was created in 2005. Also, most entries here are public, but heh... some of my dreams weren't exactly meant for the world to see. >> So a few are friends only. But if you really want to see them, just friend this journal and I'll friend you back so they'll be visible to you. Understand, though, that I might put you in a filter so you can see some friends-only entries but not all of them. For your own protection, trust me. :P

Final note: ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED, no matter how old the entry is! That's why I decided to move my log online - I get a kick out of people's reactions to the random weirdness that is my dream world. :P And yes, attempts at interpretation are always welcome too.

And that's it. Read away if you dare... and don't say I didn't warn you. >>